Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Joseph swoons over many things in this world. One of those things he has swoon'd over for years has been MOOTS Cycles. We love everything about MOOTS! We love the history, craftsmanship, Steamboat Springs, CO, titanium... You get the point. The good news is that we are now a MOOTS dealer!

We received our first MOOTS frame last week, a MOOTS Mooto X 29'r. We built her right up with a solid Shimano XT group, Chris King hubs, headset and bottom bracket.

Joseph custom laced some Stan's ZTR Crest rims to Chris King ISO hubs with some purple nipples. These rim's will be rolling straight for many years to come.

Katie will take the Mooto X on it's maiden voyage in the trails tomorrow.
Before the delivery of our Mooto X, word got around and we also got a customer set up on a MOOTS Mooto X YBB frame. We will soon post photos of the final build.

Be sure to stop by the shop and check out our MOOTS bikes!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shop Tour January 2013

It's a new year so it's time for a new look. We have been busy these past few days remodeling and updating the shop. New displays, better layout, bigger service area, more inventory etc. Below are some photos of what we have done so far,
Reorganized saddle wall.

New nutrition area.

Larger service area.