Thursday, July 11, 2013

Retul Advanced Triathlon and Time Trial

Today at Retul University was spent learning advanced triathlon and time trial position. We are no stranger to aero fitting, a majority of our fits are performed on triathletes of all levels. The course went very in-depth and taught fitting for riders with bio mechanical limitations and and other issues.

This course reviews and teaches aero fitting on all levels from short course and long course triathletes to elite UCI legal fitting.

A dog on staff is always a good sign.

Retul Masters Certification Course

The past few days have been spent at Retul headquarters in Boulder, CO. The first of the courses we are attending is the Masters Certification course. Retul Masters Certification is the signature certification in the fit industry as it is the only true Masters level certification offered.

This course was intense so we were not able to snap as many photos as usual. All business.

 Below is the Retul University classroom.
This course teaches advanced biomechanical analysis, physical assessment as well as some rider coaching that can help a rider improve their efficiency and physiology vs. using corrective fit tools like wedges.

The course ends with an in-depth review of fit skills by our master faculty. If passed we get the status of Certified Master Retul Fitter.

For testing we had to show top skills in rider physical assessment, marker placement, set-up of the Retul Muve fit bike, expert fit decisions, bicycle documentation and generating reports.

Retul's Master Certification course is a pass/fail course so we were pleased to score over 90% overall.  

1 of 27 worldwide.