Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Body Geometry FIT Day 3

Today was the final day for me at the SBCU Body Geometry FIT school. It's been fun here meeting great people, hanging out at a cool place and riding bikes.

The activities of the day would include some lab fittings of the other students and then heading our for a ride on our freshly fit bikes.
 The cafeteria at Specialized.

 A memorial in the front lobby for Burry Stander.
 Some pro jerseys lining the hallways, I'm shocked I didn't see one of Patrick Dempsey's v-neck t-shirts.
 The Mario Cipollini meeting room.
 The new Body Geometry Sitero triathlon saddle. Now available at Pro Cycle and Triathlon.
 Itsa MARIO!
The Sam Hill meeting room.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Body Geometry FIT Day 2

Today was day 2 at SBCU Body Geometry FIT. Today was filled with lectures about performing the fit and the steps of doing a Body Geometry Fit. 

Afterwards we walked over to the fit lab and put what we went over into play. We would be performing fits on each other, of course at every fit school I attend I'm the first test subject.
 Specialized is a dog-friendly place. Remember, if you walk into a business without dogs on staff, don't trust them.
 Of course there's a pump track on the property and of course I rolled it a few times on a road bike.
 I view of the main stage in the SBCU fit lab.
 We went on our daily road ride, only 10 miles long but a ride is a ride.
 Another shot of the SBCU fit lab.
Lunch rides are serious sport.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Body Geometry FIT Day 1

Today was our first time coming to the Specialized headquarters in Morgan Hill, CA. It's an impressive facility. More specifically, we are here for Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU).Our goal to expand our fit knowledge and look for ways to add value to what we already offer. We have attended many fit schools and our method involves a mix of all of their protocols. Pro Cycle and Triathlon already offers the best professional fit services on the Gulf Coast but that's no reason not to make it better.

Everyday we roll out for a lunch ride on demo bikes and ride the roads of Morgan Hill.

 Today's we focused on the anatomy of the body relating to bicycle fit, biomechanics and pre-fit assessments. Afterwards we would walk over to the fit lab and perform what we learned. 
 Perfect weather and great roads for riding.
 As some know, we love Fabian Cancellara. We even named our cat after him. Here is his custom shoe.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Because You Can Never Know Enough

Next week we'll be flying out to the Specialized mother ship in Morgan Hill, CA for the Specialized Body Geometry FIT School. 

We have attended many fit schools because we believe in offering the best fit possible. That can't be done with just one fit method. Every fit school has different philosophies and specialties so we take from each school what we have learned and combine them all into our fit process. We are always investing in our continued education.

Look for more updates next week as we attend SBCU and gain more knowledge to apply to our professional fitting services so we can make the best fit studio on the Gulf Coast even better.

The Retül Müve Has Landed

Yesterday we received our Retül Müve Dynamic fit bike. The Retül Müve allows us to find your perfect position and choose the perfect bike for our you.

The Retül Müve features adjustable cranks allowing us to dial in every detail.
The Cycleops Powerbeam Pro resistance unit allows us to dial in power for different outputs.
Contact us today to experience the Retül Müve.