Saturday, October 19, 2013

Body Geometry Fit Level II - Day 3

I'm a day or 2 late posting about day 3 of the BG Fit Level II Masters course. My bike I was using for the lunch ride had a small issue and I ended up slamming into a rock wall at around 30mph. I hit so hard that I broke a carbon shoe sole, I have body pictures but it would be better to not show. The end result was a destroyed bike and extremely sore body but not a single minute of class was missed. I will keep the destroyed helmet at the shop if you would like to see the benefits of wearing a helmet.
 We spent a majority of the day testing position in the wind tunnel. 5+ hours of wind tunnel time is significant, contact a wind tunnel and ask about their hourly rate.

 Our time in the wind tunnel taught us a ton about position changes and equipment changes on aero drag. Some of what we tested had no surprises but then we would discover something new. Narrower and lower isn't always faster!
 I hopped in and helped out as long as it didn't involve me using the left side of my body that a damaged a few hours earlier.
 Everybody picked a change they wanted to make and then the aerodynamicist validated it. Some changes to position show significant improvement and other changes showed minimal improvement. Don't always believe what you read on those forums.
 The fans that pull air through the tunnel are massive.
The tunnel also has internet so we watched a few You Tube videos on the ground display while the fit bike was being set up. 
It was cool to be the first fit class ever to learn in the new wind tunnel.